Nimes by the Sea

29 Jul

„Let’s go to the sea, it’s just 50km away from here“ was Muriel’s suggestion

Long story short: one day later a bus loaded with six giggling girls and one patient driver, Nick, were on the way to Nimes by the Sea.

Nimes – when the street sign appeared, the group of girls were singing and applauding, looking forward to spend the day on the beach and escape the reggae-festival for a day.

According to the GPS, we had reached our target destination – yet the sea was still nowhere to be seen! We cruised around the city for a while, looking for any kind of indication that would lead us tot he Mediterranean.

„Now just drive straight ahead, and I’m sure we’ll reach the beach in no time,“ Muriel said. Obviously, she was was still quite convinced the directions she had given us were correct, and everyone believed her…. UNTIL…. we realized that „Nimes by the Sea“ was actually not by the sea, but another 50km away. We were faced with a dilemma: spend another hour in the heat-filled van with the hopes of actually reaching the coast, or giving up and heading back to the camp.

Needless to say, the girls overruled Nick, and we decided to drive all the way through the Camargue to St. Marie de la Mer. Once our eager eyes caught sight of the water, all troubles were forgotten. We ended up having an amazing day at the beach (complete with a fabulous seafood lunch), and Muriel’s little white lie turned out to be quite a blessing. Without her false assumption, we would have never attempted to head to the beach. Thanks to Muriel!


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