Chateau de Cruix

1 Aug

Wine tasting at 9am? Pas de probleme, madames et monsieurs… We live in a chateau, after all!

After 5  consecutive days of sleeping in tents and listening to reggae music, we were more than ready for a change of scenery. Our next stop was the Contiki Chateau, located smack down in the middle oft he famous beaujolaise wine region. Instead of air mattresses, sleeping bags and plastic cutlery, we suddenly shared rooms with a panoramic view of the vineyards and were served 3-course meals. Yes, our days in the chateau were like living in paradise!

As if we weren’t spoiled enough already by staying in this beautiful place, the chateau came with a pool. Most of our time was spent tanning and lazing by the poolside… and playing around with Linden’s underwater camera!

Of course, we had to seize the opportunity and sample the afore-mentioned beaujolaise wine. Because of our tight schedule, the only available time to do so was right after breakfast on our very first day. Luckily, the beaujolaise wine doesn’t age and therefore has a very light, fruity taste that made drinking so early in the morning bearable 😉
After a quick and funny demonstration of how the grapes are harvested, Contiki staff members Evan and Fergus continued to explain to us how the wine is made, bottled and finally drunk at a huge festival to mark the end of a successful harvest season in the Beaujolais.



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