Szene Openair Festival, Austria

4 Aug

Upon arrival in Lustenau, Austria, we were faced with so much mud it seemed nearly impossible to pitch a tent anywhere. However, that challenge was quickly solved when we decided to camp on the caravan camp site instead. Less mud and less noise – or so we thought…

At nighttime, ear-splitting heavy metal made it impossible to sleep for everyone who wasn’t in possession of ear plugs or very good headphones. But we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Szene Open Air nevertheless!

Some acts we managed to see perform live included Maximo Park, Culcha Candela, Gentleman, Parov Stelar, Beardyman, Marteria, Shantel and Bucovina Club Orchestra and Chikinki.

Thanks to our special VIP tickets, we also had access to regular toilets with toilet paper, which can be quite a luxury at festivals.

During the daytime, when we weren’t busy promoting and handing out rain ponchos to eager Austrian youths, we went down to the lake for a swim. As you can see, Nick and Michael also had quite a bonding moment…


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