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8 Aug

After a brief overnight stay in Innsbruck,we once again piled into the mini van and set off for our next destination: the Contiki house in Hopfgarten, Austria. Hopfgarten is known to be a prime area for skiing and snowboarding in the winter, but even in the summer time the landscape is magnificent and great for hiking or mountain biking.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a most pleasant surprise: a teacup pig called Arnie. Half the group immediately climbed into his little play park to try and pet Arnie, who unfortunately was more interested in devouring his yoghurt and fruit salad breakfast.

However, the highlight of our stay in Hopfgarten was not Arnie the pig but the “Tight ‘n’ Bright” party in the evening. Apart from us, there were two Contiki groups staying over, so plenty of people to fill the bar and let the good times roll. Thanks to Eline and her secret pole dancing skills, we even won the (very silly) “battle of the sexes” competition… 😉

Our night at Hopfgarten in pictures:

[more pictures to come]

Yes – we were very proud of our bright costumes, and no – we don’t know what Nick and Michael were thinking when they dressed up in black and white…


Szene Openair Promotion

5 Aug

Szene Openair Festival, Austria

4 Aug

Upon arrival in Lustenau, Austria, we were faced with so much mud it seemed nearly impossible to pitch a tent anywhere. However, that challenge was quickly solved when we decided to camp on the caravan camp site instead. Less mud and less noise – or so we thought…

At nighttime, ear-splitting heavy metal made it impossible to sleep for everyone who wasn’t in possession of ear plugs or very good headphones. But we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Szene Open Air nevertheless!

Some acts we managed to see perform live included Maximo Park, Culcha Candela, Gentleman, Parov Stelar, Beardyman, Marteria, Shantel and Bucovina Club Orchestra and Chikinki.

Thanks to our special VIP tickets, we also had access to regular toilets with toilet paper, which can be quite a luxury at festivals.

During the daytime, when we weren’t busy promoting and handing out rain ponchos to eager Austrian youths, we went down to the lake for a swim. As you can see, Nick and Michael also had quite a bonding moment…