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Contiki Fun & Promotion

14 Aug


Arrival in Lake Como

2 Aug

It was a truly magical moment: as the mini van sped out of the tunnel and rounded the last corner, we were suddenly greeted by thousands of little lights twinkling across the lake at us, as if to say “welcome” . Since it was already nighttime, we couldn’t see much more than the light streaming from houses and casting silver lines across the lake, but the view was already enough to render us all speechless. “Ooooh” and “aaaah” was as far as we got.

When we arrived at our hostel in Menaggio, the owner Fabio immediately sat us down for a late evening meal. After devouring 3 courses of delicious homemade Italian food, none of us could keep our eyes open any longer – one of the few times everyone went to bed early…

Meet the Guerilla Army

25 Jul

The group was chosen through a month-long recruitment process in which each applicant had to explain why they are perfect members for the Guerilla Army, along with a photo showing off their wild and outgoing personalities. I was lucky enough to see some of the applications, and the quality was amazing! It appears Europe is full of crazy, excited people all willing to go the extra mile to be part of the Army… It was nearly impossible to nail it down to just 8 people.” – Michael, Group Captain, works for Contiki Travels

The members of the Guerilla Army will spend 3 weeks traveling Europe, attending various music festivals and promoting Coniki Travels on-site. They will use creative and unusual marketing strategies to spread the word amongst their peers.


These eight individuals were convincing enough to make the cut:


Muriel (Germany)

Without Muriel and her iPod, our camp just wouldn’t be the same. Apart from supplying the tunes for our mischievous activities, she constantly comes up with new promotional strategies.


Eline (The Netherlands)

You will never see this bubbly surf/skate chick without a huge smile plastered across her face. Thanks to her innovative DIY tricks, the entire army now has super cool pimped up Contiki outfits to parade around the campsites.


Elin (England)

You won’t have trouble communicating with Elin as she speaks English, German, French, Chinese and a bit of Italian. Has a self-confessed weakness for cheap wine and ‘hairy french men’.


Krissy (Australia)

Forgot to pack something really vital? Do not despair, this girl’s got it all… in her tiny backpack! Krissy embodies glamping (glamour camping) as she always looks fabulous, even after hours of lugging around equipment and pitching tents.


Ina (Germany)

Never fails to entertain the group with one of her many funny stories and anecdotes. Ina is notoriously afraid of getting sunburned, and she may just have the longest legs you’ve ever seen…


Linden (New Zealand)

Without his handy skills, there would still be large amounts of unopened canned goods standing around our camp. As one of the few male members of the group, Linden has the responsibility of calming down the girls when they get a little overexcited.


Marie (Germany)

Whether it’s through a fish-eye lens or with an underwater housing, Marie has so far managed to capture every memorable moment on her camera. She is by far the queen of fancy dress and provided the whole group with crazy costumes.


Also part of the team are Michael and Nick from Contiki Travels…


Michael (Australia)

Michael is the official Guerilla Army Captain. He is obsessed with pink glitter and has been seen running around the festivals wearing a fugitive’s outfit.



Its only thanks to his hard work and never-ending efforts that we are able to take on Europe as the Guerilla Army. He still needs to work on his dance moves, but apart from that Nick is a great guy!